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  • Kashmir: the Forgotten Paradise, Seminar, on behalf of All Party Parliamentary Group on International Relations, House of Commons, 15 December.
  • Writing Biography, Haldane Society, Leicester,  28 November.
  • Afgantsy, in conversation with Sir Rodric Braithwaite, in aid of the Roddy Scott Foundation, Yorkshire, 31 October.
  • Why Kashmir is important, Royal Society for Asian Affairs, 24 September.
  • Why Kashmir is Important, The Pakistan Society,  London, 17 September.
  • Working in South Asia/Afghanistan, King's College, London/FCO South Asia Course, 12 September.
  • Afghanistan since Daoud, King's College, London/FCO South Asia Course, 8 September.
  • Kashmir: Time for Justice and Peace,  Islamic Society of North America, 51st Annual Convention, Detroit, 30 August.
  • Afghanistan since Daoud, King's College, London/FCO South Asia Course, 16 June.
  • Kashmiris: Contested Present, Possible Futures, Speaker, Warwick University/University of Westminster, 2 June.
  • Kashmir: Blind spot on the World Conscience? Muslim Institute, Islamabad, 24 March.
  • Working in South Asia/Afghanistan, King’s College, London/FCO South Asia Course, 21 March.
  • Afghanistan since Daoud, King’s College, London/FCO South Asia Course, 17 March.
  • The Great War through Portraits, Chair with Christopher Clark (The Sleepwalkers) and Allan Mallinson (1914- Fight the Good Fight), National Portrait Gallery, 13 March.
  • Blind Faith, chair, panel discussion, Conciliation Resources, London,  6 March.
  • Contested and Possible Sovereignities: The 'State" of Kashmir, Workshop, University of Warwick, 5 March.
  • Why Kashmir is important, Sind Club, Karachi, 13 February.
  • Afghanistan 2014: Consequences for Pakistan, Panel discussion with Najmuddin Shaikh, A.G. Noorani, Mehdi Masud, Riaz Mohammad Khan, 5th Karachi Literature Festival, 8 February.
  • Kashmir Dispute, Chair, with A.G. Noorani, Basharat Peer, Iqbal Akhund, Riaz Khokhar and Cabeiri deBergh Robinson, 5th Karachi Literature Festival,  7  February.
  • Afghanistan since Daoud, King’s College, London/FCO South Asia Course,  3 February.
  • The role of the media in the Kashmir Conflict, National Defence University of Pakistan,  Islamabad, 25 January.


  • Kashmir and its Regional Context, Pakistan Research Security Unit, University of Durham, 5 December.
  • Why Kashmir remains important for regional stability in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, Merton Lawyers Association, London, 20 November.
  • Kashmir: The Endless Dispute and Global Implications, Dallas Committee on Foreign Relations, 18 November.
  • Why Kashmir is Important: Channel City Club and Santa Barbara Committee on Foreign Relations, 13 November.
  • Thirty Years, Thirty Stories, A personal recollection of Afghanistan, Afghanaid 30 Years in Afghanistan, 7 November.
  • Working in South Asia and Afghanistan, King’s College, London /FCO, South Asia, 13 September.
  • Media, Civil Society, and Women in South Asia and Afghanistan/Panel discussion,  King’s College, London /FCO South Asia Course, 12 September
  • Elections in South Asia and Afghanistan with Professor Jaffrelot, King’s College, London /FCO South Asia Course on Afghanistan/South Asia, 10 September.
  • An Introduction to Afghanistan since Daoud, King’s College, London /FCO South Asia Course on Afghanistan/ South Asia, 9 September.
  • Writing Biography, Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford Summer Gaudy, 23 June.
  • Writing Daughter of the East: in conversation with Linda Bird Francke, 1st Lahore Literary Festival, 24 February.
  • Political Dynasties, 4th Karachi Literature Festival, 17 February.
  • The Kashmir issue, 4th Karachi Literature Festival, 17 February.


  • Esprit de Corps - Why it matters, with Major General James Cowan,  Defence Security Forum, London, 11 November.
  • 'Writing The Black Watch', Bell Library, Perth, 22 September.
  • Pakistan's 'tribal territory' - in conversation with former Pakistani diplomat, Dr Humayun Khan, in aid of the Roddy Scott Foundation, Summerbridge, Yorkshire, 6 July.
  • Laying up the Colours and book launch, The Highland Furies, The Black Watch 1739-1899, Balhousie Castle, Perth, Scotland, 23 June.
  • Sovereignity and territory: domestic politics and regional tensions in Pakistani-administered Kashmir, Chatham House, 8 May.
  • Whither Pakistan?  Centre for Muslim States and Societies,  speaker (with Moneeza Hashmi), University of Western Australia, Perth, Scotland, 5 May.
  • Faiz Ahmed Faiz: Progressive Thinkers in Pakistan, panellist, Centre for Muslim States and Societies, University of Western Australia, 3 May.
  • Kashmir: the Way Forward, University of Western Australia, Perth, 1 May.
  • Karachi Literature Festival, Karachi, Pakistan 11-12 February.
  • Afghanistan: Looking to the Future, panellist, South Asia Middle East Forum, London, 26 January.


  • Kashmir: South Asia's Palestine? chair, Frontline Club, 22 November. 
  • 'Understanding Afghanistan,' speaker, Marlborough College, 19-20 November. 
  • The Black Watch Annual London dinner, after dinner speaker, 17 November.
  • South Asia briefing, University of Western Australia, Perth, 3 November. 
  • CHOGM 2011, Perth, Western Australia, representing The Round Table, 28-30 October.
  • 'Afghan Solution' by Lucy Morgan-Edwards, chair, book launch, Asia House, 28 June.
  • 'Frogs in the Well: 30 Years on the North-West Frontier of Pakistan' by Leslie Mallam: speaker, book launch, 15 June.
  • Kashmir Centre, EU, Brussels: 5th Global Discourse, 3-4 May.
  • India-Pakistan Relations: resolving the deadlock over Kashmir, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, 5 February.
  • Asian Powers in Kashmir: RUSI, 25 January.


  • Drones and the AfPak region, South Asia and Middle East Forum,  House of Commons, Grand Committee Room, 28 October.
  • 'Power of the Pen: A Resolution for Kashmir, DSC South Asian Literature Festival, London, 15 October. 
  • Afghanistan: Early History, Study Week, 3 Commando Brigade, Plymouth, 4 October.
  • 'Bhutto' Documentary, Curzon Soho, Discussion, 29 September.
  • Afghanistan : Early History, Afghan COIN Centre, Warminster, 6 September.
  • Afghanistan : Early History, Study Week, HQ Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC), Innsworth, Glos, 6 September.
  • 11th International Peace Conference: Kashmir, Association of Humanitarian Lawyers, Kashmir American Council and Kashmir Center, Washington, DC. 29-30 July
  • Water Security in South Asia, RUSI, London, 15 July.
  • Kashmir and the European Union, Brussels, 7 July.
  • Kashmir: in conversation with David Lloyn together with Justine Hardy, National Portrait Gallery, 10 June.
  • Conflict in Kashmir: in conversation with Kamila Shamsie together with Justine Hardy and Basharat Peer, Asia House Festival of Asian Literature, 25 May.
  • Afghanistan: in conversation with David Lloyn, Frontline Club, 10 May.
  • 'Vote Afghanistan', CinePolitics, Panel discussion, 5 May.
  • NATO Narrative Building Conference, 19-23 April.
  • Karachi Literature Festival, Karachi, Pakistan, 19-20 March.
  • 'Overcoming Barriers to Realizing Self-determination.' Human Rights Council, Palais des Nations, Geneva, 18 March.
  • Kashmir Options, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), 28 February.
  • Are we right to talk about AfPak? University of Southern California (USC), Dept of International Relations, 23 February. see
  • 7 Armoured Brigade, Celle, Germany, Introduction to the History of the AfPak region, 10 February


  • Magdalen College School, 'Kashmir', 27 November
  • 'History of Afghanistan,' UK Helmand Study Group, Catterick, Yorkshire, 12 October.
  • Writing Biography, Sir Alistair Horne 40th anniversary celebration, St Antony's College, Oxford, 28 September.
  • 10th International Peace Conference: Kashmir, Association of Humanitarian Lawyers, Kashmir American Council and Kashmir Center, Washington, DC.23-24 July
  • Pakistan: South Asia Middle East Forum, House of Commons, Committee Room, 11 June
  • 1st Inaugural lecture on Afghanistan: 'Past wars and the Durand Line', Army Education Centre, Tidworth, 11 May
  • 'Relevance of Self-Determination, 7th session, Human Rights Council, Palais des nations, Geneva, 18 March
  • Obama and the Muslim World: iXXi/L:SE briefing, LSE, 10 March
  • Kashmir Centre, EU, Brussels: Kashmir after the elections: what next? 26 February
  • Royal Society for Asian Affairs: Can Democracy work in Pakistan? 19 January


  • Asia House: Challenges facing Pakistan, 25 November
  • Kashmir Centre, EU, Global Discourse on Kashmir, Islamabad, 10-12 June 
  • Tribute to Benazir Bhutto, Lady Margaret Hall Oxford, 15 May  
  • Pakistan and the region, Contact Group, House of Commons, Committee room, 12 May
  • Briefing on Kashmir, Norwegian Parliament, Committee room, Oslo, 8th May 2008
  • Pakistan post-Benazir Bhutto, Mary Institute Country Day School, St Louis, Missouri,USA. 1 May 
  • Pakistan Society, 9 April 2008: Tribute to Benazir Bhutto.
  • Kashmir Centre, EU, 4th Global Discourse on Kashmir, European Parliament, 1-3 April
  • Pakistan, Wilton Park Conference Centre, 4-5 April
  • All Party Parliamentary Group on Third World Solidarity:  'Reconciliation: Islam, Democracy and the West': a   seminar on Benazir   Bhutto's posthumous book - 26 March
  • 'Relevance of Self-Determination, 7th session, Human Rights Council, Palais des nations, Geneva, 18 March
  • 'Democracy and Authoritarianism: the legacy of Benazir Bhutto', History Society, Keble College, Oxford, 27 February
  • Start the Week with Andrew Marr, on Benazir Bhutto's posthumous book, Reconciliation; Islam, Democracy and the West, the week, 11 February
  • 'Pakistan On the Brink', Frontline Club, 31 January 2008, panel chaired by Mishal Husain together with Owen Bennett-Jones, Aamir Ghauri and M. Ziauddin - Benazir Bhutto Memorial Debate, Oxford Union Society, 17 January
  • 'Benazir Bhutto: a memorial', The Campaign Against Martial Law, School of Oriental and African studies, together with Wajid Shamsul Hasan, M. Ziauddin, 15 January  
  • all Party Parliamentary Group on Third World Solidarity, House of Commons, Committee room: Tribute to Benazir Bhutto, 9 January


  • Tribute to Benazir Bhutto - Victoria Schofield on BBC Breakfast news on 28 december - click here
  • Middle East & South Asia Forum: Pakistan before the elections, House of Commons, Committee room, 13 December
  • 'The role of the media and the national interest', National Defence University, Islamabad, Pakistan, 24 June 2007  
  • Institute of Strategic Studies, Islamabad, ‘Jammu and Kashmir: Models for Resolution’, 16 - 17 March 2007
  • Middle East and South Asia Forum, ‘Pakistan’, Portcullis House, House of Commons,  5 December 2006
  • International Educational Development, Seminar: ‘Right of Self-Determination’, held during 2nd session of UN Human Rights Council, Geneva, 28 September 2006
  • India-Pakistan Dialogue, ‘Quest for Peace,’Wolfson College,University of Cambridge, 20-21 April 2006
  • International Kashmir Peace Conference, London, 15-16 March 2006
  • Kashmir Centre, EU, Seminar, at the Peace Palace, the  Hague, January 2006
  • Kashmir Centre EU, Global Discourse, at the European Parliament, Brussels, 3-4 October 2005
  • University of Bradford, Dept of Peace Studies, ‘Kashmir’, April 2005
  • Institute of Regional Studies, Islamabad: ‘Prospects of Peace, Stability in South Asia’, June 2004

Speaking engagements on Wavell: Soldier and Statesman in 2006-2007

  • ‘The Independence of India and Pakistan: Sixtieth Anniversary Reflections,’ The Hartley Library in conjunction with the Centre for the Study of Britain and its Empire at the University of Southampton, 17-20 July 2007.
  • Barnes Literary Society, 16 May 2007
  • Prince Consort’s Library, Aldershot, 15 March 2007
  • Winchester College, 6 February 2007 - Click here for a transcript
  • Nehru Centre, 9 November 2006
  • Defence and Security Forum Dinner, 19 October 2006
  • Indian Civil Service Association/University Women’s Club, 16 October 2006
  • National Army Museum, 7 September 2006
  • AfghanistanBook Launch, Royal Box, Guards Polo Club, Windsor Great Park on 28th August 2006
  • Macmillan Cancer Support Luncheon,  3 July 2006
  • Royal Society for Asian Affairs, 28 June 2006
  • Royal Commonwealth Society/British Commonwealth and Empire Museum, 8 May 2006


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